Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Welcome to the ASA Online platform.

asaonline.sa (the website), owned and operated by ASA Online Information Technology (CR: 1010648648).

The platform operates as an online store specializing in the field of psychological advice and advice (paid), in accordance with the terms and conditions stipulated in this document and the privacy policy.

First: ASA Online| Term definitions

In this agreement, and unless the context requires otherwise, the following terms shall have the meanings indicated.

“Site” or “the platform” or “we”: refers to Assa Mubasher

“User” or “you”: means the person who visits the site, uses it, or registers a membership with the site.

“Subscriber” refers to every person, institution or company that requests a service from the services offered on the site.

“Services” refers to the services that we provide, either in the form of counseling or psychological advice, and other services.

“Agreement” refers to this document and the terms and conditions it contains, as well as the privacy policy, all service delivery policies, and all agreements and policies that complement and implement your agreement with us.

“Agreement annexes” are all service descriptions that are published on the site’s home page or sub-pages, as well as all contracts that supplement this agreement, which are an integral part of this agreement.

“Parties to the Agreement” refers to all persons who are subject to the terms and conditions stipulated in this agreement, with the rights and obligations it contains.

Second: ASA Online| The legal nature of the terms, conditions and policies

This agreement and its appendices are the complete and final agreement between the site on the one hand, and anyone who visits or uses the site or uses any of its features or features on the other hand.

This agreement is a valid contract complete with the legal conditions and elements, enforceable in the face of all the aforementioned parties, and its provisions and obligations are binding on them all, and no one may relinquish or terminate it as long as it produces its legal effects.

All parties acknowledge that this agreement constitutes the entire agreement between them, and they have agreed that they have not relied on any assurances, whether oral or written, in agreeing to this agreement other than the provisions set forth in it.

The description of the services and sub-pages of the site prepared by the site is an integral part of this agreement.

Contracts complementary to this agreement are an integral part of it, and the terms and conditions applicable to this agreement are subject to them, and are linked to this agreement that does not accept division in existence or otherwise.

Amendments to this Agreement shall have the same provision and legal effect as this Agreement.

Third: ASA Online| Consent and legal capacity

You acknowledge that you have the necessary legal capacity to enter into and agree to this Agreement, and that you have full, unrestricted legal powers under the following conditions:

The user of the Esa Mubasher platform must be 18 years old or over, and if you are not 18 years old, you must use the site or purchase our services through whoever is legally acting on your behalf.

Without prejudice to any other rights of the site under this agreement or law, the site reserves the right to restrict your access to it or cancel your membership if it thinks that you have not reached the age of 18 years.

Those who use the site must have the legal capacity necessary to conclude contracts, and not be afflicted with any of the symptoms or barriers of eligibility, and we are not responsible for verifying the eligibility of any of the site users.

By using the website services, you agree to this agreement, and you acknowledge that you are legally bound by the terms and conditions stipulated in this document or its amendments.

Your use of the site or your entry with us into any agreement constitutes an electronic signature on this agreement.

Fourth: ASA Online| Telecommunications

You agree to receive communications from us, and we will communicate with you by e-mail or mobile number or by posting notices on the site or through other site services.

You agree that all agreements, notices, disclosures and other communications that we provide to you electronically fulfill all legal requirements as if these communications were in writing, and take their place in the production of their legal effects.

The site requires your consent during the registration process for us to send messages to your e-mail, mobile phone, or through the site for promotional purposes, to inform you of any changes, features or new activities added to the site.

If you decide at any time that you do not want to receive promotional messages, you can opt out of receiving these messages by emailing us, but in this case we cannot guarantee that you will fully enjoy our services.

Any notices required to be notified to the site under this agreement must be sent through the features available from us within the site.

Fifthly: ASA Online| Intellectual property rights

The site and the ideas expressed within it are pure intellectual property rights for us, and any imitation or quotation of the site or some of its services (including ideas, texts, symbols, software and logo) is a violation of our copyrights, and we will take all legal measures against the perpetrator of the violations mentioned.

All content included or available within the website services such as (texts, logos, pictures, graphics, audio recordings, button icons, digital content, reloaded materials, software and data collection) are the property of the site and are protected by the local state laws and international copyright laws.

The compilation of all data included in the website services or made available by any of our services is the exclusive property of the site, and is protected by Saudi and international copyright laws, as well as protected under the applicable international agreements, such as the Berne Convention and the TRIPS Agreement.

Sixth: ASA Online| Granted licenses

The site grants you a limited and non-exclusive license to use the “ASA Online” website, and you are prohibited from assigning this license to others.

This license does not include reselling or any commercial use of any of our services or their contents.

This license does not include any copying of the information available on the account for the benefit of others, any use of data extraction methods, or any use of similar data collection and extraction tools.

You may not reproduce or make an identical copy of this website, or copy, sell or resell any part of it, or use it differently for the purposes of commercial or non-commercial exploitation of it without the express written consent of the site.

You may not use any descriptive marks or any other “hidden text” that exploits the site’s name or its trademarks without the express written consent of the site.

You are not authorized in any way to post any links to other sites or applications through the site or through any features available within the site.

You may only use our services as permitted by law, and in accordance with the terms of this agreement.

You may not misuse our services in any way.

The licenses granted by us expire if you do not comply with these Terms of Use or any other terms of service.

All rights not expressly granted to you in these terms of use or any other terms of service maintained by the site.

Seventh: ASA Online| The legal responsibility of the parties to the agreement

You expressly agree that you use the site at your own risk.

You are responsible for maintaining the use of the site with all seriousness and credibility, and you are obligated to compensate for any losses or damages that may be caused to the site as a result of any illegal or unauthorized use by us.

You agree not to use the website or any service provided through it in an illegal, fraudulent or anti-social manner as we estimate.

You agree not to send any messages that are discriminatory, contain insulting, slanderous, profane words, pornographic or obscene images, or are generally characterized as having “bad taste”.

In the event that the user violates any of the terms or provisions of this agreement, then the site has the right to take administrative action only within the site, which is to suspend membership for a period of time or make a permanent ban on the offending user, and in this case he is not entitled to register on the site again without the express consent of Site.

You agree to indemnify the site and absolve it of its responsibility and defend it against all claims and claims that may be brought or claimed by others as a result of your use of the site, or because of your violation of these terms and conditions or breach of the rights of other users.

If you violate this user agreement, the site reserves the right to recover any amounts owed by you, and any losses or damages you have caused, and the site has the right to take legal measures or resort to the competent courts to file civil or criminal lawsuits against you.

The site does not guarantee that it will take action against all violations that may occur to this use agreement, and our failure to take legal action in any of the violation cases does not mean a waiver of our right to take these measures at any time we see appropriate.

You must comply with all laws and regulations in force within the country through which you use the site in relation to your use of the site, and you bear all responsibilities arising in the event of your violation of these laws or regulations, and you shall also abide by all the terms and conditions stipulated in this agreement.

You acknowledge that you will notify us if there are any publications, materials or transactions that appear to violate the usage agreement.

Eighth: ASA Online| Adjustments

The user is bound by the changes and modifications made by the site in the applicable policies, and he must accept any modifications that the site deems necessary.

We may at any time make any modifications or improvements that we consider necessary on the site to increase its effectiveness, and the user is bound by any directives or instructions provided by the site to him in this regard.

You may not change, amend or replace any terms of this agreement without the written consent of the site.

We may amend or update these terms and conditions “User Agreement” regarding the use of the website without sending you a notice to do so; So you should review this agreement periodically.

You agree to abide by all additional terms and conditions that will be made available to you that relate to the use of any of the services available through the site, and these additional terms and terms are incorporated into this agreement.

Ninth: ASA Online| Transfer of rights and obligations

The site has the right to transfer all of its rights contained in this agreement to others without any objection from the user, and everyone is obligated to implement all their obligations contained in this agreement before the assignee as soon as they are notified of the transfer, and the assignee has the right to take all legal measures before the failure to implement his obligations under this agreement.

You may not assign your obligations and rights under this agreement, or undertake to manage your account on the site to a third party, except after obtaining written consent from us.

Tenth: ASA Online| Cancel the agreement

The agreement is considered canceled on its own without the need for excuses or judicial action in any of the following cases:

If it is proven that you violated any paragraph or clause of this agreement above, while preserving all our rights to claim compensation for the damages resulting from that.

Assigning or subletting the account without our consent.

The user’s failure to fulfill any obligations stipulated in this agreement without taking serious measures to remove this breach, while preserving our right to claim compensation if any.

Not being able to document any information that you have provided to us.

If we decide at any time that your activities may cause legal disputes for you or other users.

Site activity cessation, or the cessation of the activity of those responsible for managing the site.

Eleventh: ASA Online| The law is enforceable and the competent courts

This agreement is governed by the laws in force and in effect within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. .

The judiciary within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia shall have jurisdiction over any dispute that may arise from the interpretation or implementation of the provisions of this agreement.

In the event that any provision of this agreement becomes invalid, illegal, or unenforceable, the legality and enforceability of the other provisions will not be affected in any way by that provision.

Twelfth: ASA Online| Notices

Any notices that you want to send to the site must be sent through the specified features within the site, and any notices sent outside the site are not considered.

Any notices that the site wishes to send to you, either by announcing it on the site or by sending it to you via the mobile number or e-mail that you provided us with during the registration process, and you are supposed to know the notification as soon as the announcement on the site, or as soon as 24 hours have passed from the time the message was sent to you. .

Thirteenth: ASA Online| The language

The Arabic text of this agreement is the approved text for the purposes of interpretation and application of its terms and conditions.

In the event of a conflict between the Arabic text and the translated text of this agreement, if any, then it is agreed upon in this case to apply what came in the Arabic language.

Fourteenth: How can you contact ASA Online for Information Technology?

Address: Riyadh – 2514 Al-Hijl, Wadi 7370

Phone: 0530374040

Email: info@asaonline.sa