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Autism Story

“Aws” is a 9-year-old child who completely stopped education three weeks ago, according to his mother, who found that her son is enrolled in an inclusive school and benefits from the services of the resource room, but since the school holidays, no special materials have been sent to her child, but only videos are sent […]

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Depression and its causes

Depression is not a weakness or something easy to get rid of, and it is known as severe depressive disorder (Severe depression disorder), or clinical depression. It is a disease that affects the soul and the body. Depression affects the way we think and act, and it can lead to many emotional and physical problems. […]

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الاكتئاب واسبابه

الاكتئاب (Depression) ليس ضعفا أو شيئا سهل التخلص منه، ويعرف بأنه الاضطراب الاكتئابي الحاد (Severe depression disorder)، أو الاكتئاب السّريري (الإكلينيكي – Clinical depression). هو مرض يصيب النفس والجسم. يؤثر الاكتئاب على طريقة التفكير والتصرف ومن شأنه أن يؤدي إلى العديد من المشاكل العاطفية والجسمانية. عادة، لا يستطيع الأشخاص المصابون بمرض الاكتئاب الاستمرار بممارسة حياتهم اليومية […]